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How To Become A Six-Figure Ghostwriter in Less Than Six Months Without Chasing Clients...

Discover the proven process to get paid to do what you love AND scale your writing into a lucrative business without paying thousands on marketing, leaving the comfort of your home, or spending hours networking...

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During This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

The Stress Reducing Methods To Finally Making A Killing As A Writer: You will discover the hidden roadmap to tapping into the "Stream of Wealth" that Matthew Thrush followed to quit his job in less than four months and scale to six-figures as a ghostwriter.

How to Make Enough Money to Quit Your Job AND Do What You Want: Earning a living as an author these days is almost impossible. The percentage who succeed is under 1%. During this live training, you will see how fast and simple it can be when you get paid more and leave the marketing up to somebody else. 

Finding Clients Willing to Pay What You’re Worth: One of the biggest hurdles most ghostwriters experience is getting paid what they are worth. On this training, we will show you exactly how to do it. 

MEET THE HOST: Matthew Thrush

Learn From The Guy Who Did It

With over 50 bestselling books under his belt, Matthew Thrush was able to go from having less than $100 to his name to earning a 6-figure income with his writing in less than 4 months as a ghostwiter. Using that income, he was then able to jump start his own titles & now teaches other authors how to deploy these same systems, mindsets, and tactics in their businesses.

Here's What Past Attendees Are Saying:

Caleb Wachter

"After five years of indie e-publishing my own books, Matthew's webinar opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the publishing industry and where I could fit into it. After the first webinar I was convinced that Matthew cares as deeply about my success as he does his own—which is the surest mark of any leader worth following. He's not just providing a job opportunity or motivational counseling, he's describing a totally new way to approach your career as a writer.”

Kathrin Hutson

“LOVED the Six-Figure Ghostwriter webinar from Matthew Thrush. Not only was his enthusiasm and positive attitude contagious, but he laid out the basics of why ghostwriting can be so lucrative and rewarding (if you're dedicated to putting in the work) and a few first steps for how to start the journey. Not even two months later, I'm wrapping up my first ghostwriting project for four times more than my current writing projects were bringing in each month.” 

Noel Gama

“Didn’t have a 'ghost' of an idea of how accessible this lucrative market is. The webinar gave me a top-level overview of the ghostwriting industry, which has been kept shrouded in mystery by old school ghostwriters.”


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